Mural Materials and Installation


Your decision to add a beautiful, high-impact wall mural to any room in your home is guaranteed to be one you never regret. Not only will it instantly become a dramatic focal point for your interior design, but it will generate buzz from visitors and garner compliments from everyone who enters the space.

The choice of material for your mural is crucial. Choosing the right material for your skill level and your space is the m¬ost important decision you’ll make about your mural. So which one is right for you?


Vinyl is the toughest material you can use for your wall murals. Not only can it handle photo-realistic images with a high degree of resolution and clarity, but vinyl is waterproof (and thus very easy to clean), fire-rated, and wears extremely well. It also adheres to most wall surfaces. This makes it ideal for

  • Commercial spaces
  • Homes with high traffic (e.g., children)
  • Outdoor spaces

Pros: Vinyl is durable, beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.
Cons: Vinyl requires paste and some skill to install correctly.


SelfStick is the most popular option for homeowners. Although not moisture-tolerant and not as durable as vinyl, SelfStick makes up for these limitations by being much easier to install – and easier to remove. SelfStick requires a smooth wall surface, and is ideal for

  • Temporary spaces (rentals, dorms)
  • Window treatments, mirrors, and doors
  • Frequently changing design spaces

Pros: Easy installation – just peel and stick, easily remove to adjust.
Cons: More delicate than vinyl or canvas, not waterproof, requires very smooth installation surface.


Canvas is a classic mural material that will give your wall a painted look, but with a vibrant image of your choosing. The texture of canvas lends a high-class artistic feel to your installation. It’s generally usable on any surface, usually requires paste, and isn’t suitable for exterior spaces. Canvas is perfect for

  • Interior walls
  • Long-term installation
  • Any place you want a very high-quality look

Pros: Very luxurious and expensive look and feel, durable and applicable to most walls.
Cons: Can be most difficult to hang correctly, not ideal for exterior or damp conditions.

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